Jesuit Global Initiatives

Although most people encounter Jesuits locally in schools and other ministries, the Society of Jesus is in fact a missionary order — the largest such order in the Catholic Church.  Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., former Superior General of the Jesuits, reaffirmed what he called “the vision of our universal vocation," which is “to go anywhere in the world where there is hope for God’s greater glory.”

Jesuit Missionaries

International Jesuit ministries are seeking to nurture hope in places that would seem to offer little of it.   The Jesuit Refugee Service sponsors schools for children who often spend years in those troubled surroundings, along with many other services.  Hope is found in the myriad works of justice, peace, and care for creation — the Jesuit social ministries described at greater length here

Loyola University New Orleans is part of this international Jesuit network and the Jesuits have a network of educational institutions that span the globe. The University Chaplain seeks to build bridges and initatiate programs and links to allow for a greater collaboration between Jesuit instititions internationally. The University Chaplain will work with the various academic and non-academic areas to assist networking with global Jesuit initiatives.


The Secretariat for Higher Education in the Society of Jesus encourages networking among Jesuit universities worldwide to address current global issues on a global scale.  News about these Global Jesuit Educational Initiatives can also be found at the Jesuit Curia and Jesuit Commons websites.

There are over 2100 Secondary and Pre‐Secondary Education Jedsuit institutions on  six continents.  For a complete list, click HERE