The Magis Grant:  To Foster the Jesuit and Catholic Mission of Loyola University New Orleans

The Magis Grant has been established by the Office of the University Chaplain to assist those seeking to foster the Jesuit and Catholic mission of Loyola University New Orleans.  

The Grant can be used:

  • To fund individual participation in a retreat, a service (or service immersion) program or a pilgrimage trip. 
  • To fund a project, activity, conference or experience relating to Loyola's Jesuit / Catholic mission.  This can be as an individual or as part of group activity/ activity/ experience.
  • To fund academic research of a faculty, staff or student that is in some way related to the Jesuit/ Catholic mission of Loyola or a project or topic in an academic area supported by the Jesuits. 
To Apply

One must be a full-time faculty, staff or student of Loyola University New Orleans.  In rare cases, a recent alumnus application may be considered.

Magis Grants are $500*  or less.  To apply, one must submit an application and a budget.  In addition, receipts will be needed after expenditure to verify the use of the funds.  These receipts must be turned in to the University Chaplain no later than two months for reimbursement.  The Grant cannot be given to the individual but must be used to cover expenses of the individual. 

* In rare cases, grants over $500 will be granted.  Please know that Total amount of funds are limited each academic year.

To receive a Magis Grant application, download the form.  Please CLICK HERE >>

Please submit the completed Magis Grant application (as an attachment) to:  (There is no deadline.  However, each academic year Magis Grant funds are limited.)

Or as a hard copy to:  University Chaplain  / Marquette 242- Box 103 / Loyola University New Orleans / 6363 St Charles Avenue / New Orleans 70118

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